Dryland for Swimmers

A step by step, customizable regimen for dryland training to minimize risk of injury  to swimmers and to help SHATTER THEIR BEST TIMES

Imagine for a second...

Your swimmers on the blocks for the 50m Freestyle, the chance to compete in the Olympics are at stake.

You hear the starter in the background," Take your mark!"

Then the beep resoundingly explodes in your ear drums and you see your swimmer burst off the block faster than everyone else

He's first to surface, beating out the Gold Medal Olympian swimming in the next lane

He looks good, swimming his heart out and he's keeping his lead!!

But then, the Olympian tightens the lead, even as your hands tighten around the clipboard, they're rapidly approaching the finish line...
15 meters

10 meters

They're approaching the finish line...!

Then... shock and disappointment, as your swimmer missed qualifying for the Olympics by a fraction of a second. This is the reality for all too many coaches and their swimmers. In the world of swimmers, where every competitive advantage is taken at first opportunity, you're wondering to yourself, "what could I have done differently or better?"


Your swimmers on the blocks for the 50m Freestyle, the chance to compete in the Olympics are at stake

You hear the starter in the background," Take your mark!"

Then the beep resoundingly explodes in your ear drums and you see your swimmer explode of the block faster than everyone else

He's first to surface, beating out the Gold Medal Olympyian swimming in the next lane

He looks good, his strokes look powerful, his technique, flawless, AND HE'S KEEPING HIS LEAD. 

Your hands tense around your clipboard as the Olympian starts to make his move… Creeping up as they hurtle towards the wall. You hear yourself screaming, "GO, GO, GO!"

Your swimmer touches the wall first. It's over.
It takes you a moment to process, that your swimmer's parents are crying and jumping up and down, while attempting to hug you. You and your swimmer are destined for Tokyo 2020.
Believe it or not, you actually have a choice between the two scenarios and I have the "how".

Hi! I’m Dr. John Mullen, DPT, CSCS. I’m a former National level swimmer. I have coached multiple Olympians and over 10,000 swimmers in attaining their optimal performance levels, and the "how" is my tailor-made Dryland for Swimmers Program!

And, I get it: You may be thinking, "I'm a swim coach; stroke rate, power and stroke efficiency are what I'm good at."

And, there’s this mistaken notion that you if you’re a “coach” then you have to be good at coaching everything.

To build the best swim program, you have to do what you do best - coach swimming. Impeccable form, a powerful kick and a great body position are your area of concern, your forte. It rankles you, to have to spend laborous hours, creating a dryland program that everyone insists is fundamental… But on the surface, it doesn't seem make a tangible improvement. (At the very least, the kids have fun doing it. Small compensation.) If I boil all my years of experience down, here are the two big myths that stop swim coaches from creating the best dryland programming possible….

The Two Biggest Myths Swim Coaches Believe About Dryland

Myth #1: You need a lot of equipment for a successful dryland program.
Contrary to popular belief, there are a plethora of body weight exercises and other exercises that challenges swimmers, even with minimal equipment. These exercises can be extremely challenging and simply be progressions and regressions of main exercises. Too many people see fancy equipment online and fall for the trap, purchasing thousands of dollars of equipment. I can give a swimmer, of any skill level, an extremely difficult and appropriate bodyweight strength training program! If you can develop a tailored program without weights, why do you need to waste money on equipment?

Myth #2: Watching workout videos is a good dryland program

Simply having videos is not the answer. Instead, you have to have a direct progression of effective exercises for swimmers so you can be sure that they’re doing safe and effective exercises as they mature as athletes. If a program can master the main exercises and progressions/regressions for each exercise, their dryland can safely challenge swimmers of all ages and skills! This knowledge also allows coaches to individualize programs easily.

But, you may be thinking:

John, I don’t have time to create such a detailed program!

And you don't have to! Because, I've created:

Dryland for Swimmers

Dryland for Swimmers is a training program, tailored for swim coaches who want the best for their swimmers… but just have too much on their plate already. It outlines an entire year of training for an entire team, with safe, progressive exercises… So you can focus on what you do best - building a winning swim program.

Dryland for Swimmers Can Help You Build A Winning Swim Program!

With its extensive video database, the Dryland for Swimmers program is a program that incorporates simple movements...That can be progressed from easy to insanely difficult VERY QUICKLY.

This can take your swim program to the next level.

Dryland for Swimmers also encourages swimmers to learn correct form, by starting dryland early in their career (6 - 10 years old), then progressing them and having them master techniques on body weight exercises before progressing to weights. This program emphasizes functional and specialized strength, not simply more aerobic training. But Dryland for Swimmers doesn’t just end with training faster swimmers… In fact, your entire club will feel the effects of this system!

Now, here’s what you get when you order Dryland for Swimmers:

The Dryland for Swimmers eBook

  • Over 200 pages of content
  • The Science and Research behind Dryland Training
  • Everything you need to know about building and executing a successful dryland program - including exercise progressions, regressions, and programming methodology.
  • The CORE differences between dryland for swimmers and other athletes.
  • How to tailor your dryland program to EVERY stage in a swimmer's career.

The Dryland for Swimmers Vault

  • 30 hours of HD dryland lectures and exercise videos.
  • Over 100 videos that show you EXACTLY how to do each exercise.
  • These are all downloadable, so you can prep for practice on-the-go.

A COMPLETE 16-week Systematic Program for Your Team

  • SPECIFIC Dryland templates for swimmers of all levels, from the beginner to the Olympian!
  • How to measure your swimmers' progress in dryland.
  • A DETAILED method on how to customize the dryland for every swimmer.

But you maybe thinking, "How legitimate are you?"

These nationally renowned coaches and athletes will atest to my expertise:

“I have been a fan of Dr. Mullen’s work for many years. Dr. Mullen is an expert in human movement in an aquatic environment. This book provides practical and easy to use solutions to swimming specific physical challenges that occur as the result of normal training and competition.
-William Dorenkott, Head Coach Ohio State Women's Swim team

Bill Dorenkott

"John Mullen is a true professional and a clear expert in the field of sports medicine and injury prevention in swimming. Thanks for the great work and all that you do for the world of swimming!"
- Don Heidary, Head Coach, Orinda Aquatics
Don Heidary

"I like the approach since there is so much more to developing athletes and if they aren’t tuned the right way and or don’t understand how to manage their environment, then the chances of success are essentially blind luck."
- Jonty Skinner, Alabama Swimming and Diving Coach
Jonty Skinner

"G. John Mullen's advice combines years of swimming experience with practical medical guidance."
- Paul Yetter, 7- time member of USA Swimming's National Team Coaching Staff

Paul Yetter

"John, a former swimmer, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist; he works with swimmers on a daily basis, and he is one of the foremost experts."
-Chris Plumb, Head Coach Carmel Swim Club
Chris Plumb

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