What if you had a safe and systematic dryland program tailored fit for your swimmers... that didn’t involve a lot of expensive equipment?

Dryland training is an essential part of elite and age group swimming performance. However, many swim clubs make dryland too simple or too complicated to succeed. Oftentimes, the programs are inconsistent between groups at their team.

These problems increase your swimmers' injury risk, reduce the effectiveness of dryland, and generally, make dryland training unsuccessful and a waste of time.

Hi! I’m Dr. John Mullen, DPT, CSCS. I’m a former National level swimmer and I developed the dryland for swimming system.

I have been around the sport for many years:

  • I know what it is like to swim on a small club team, doing their best to provide a dryland program.
  • I know first hand what it is like to swim at a big division university.
  • Now, as a strength coach and physical therapist, I work with clubs of many different sizes and colleges of different budgets on their dryland needs.

This background gives me a unique view of the swimming world, helping me formulate ideal dryland programs for swimmers based on all their needs.

Looking back as an age group swimmer, I can honestly say I was extremely athletic. I was ranked 2nd nationally for the 13-14 age group for the 50 freestyle. From the age of 8 - 14 years old, I swam and played travel soccer and basketball. When I made the dryland training offered by the team, it was the standard running around a dirt path.

However, at 14 years old, I hit my first roadblock

young John

I dislocated my kneecap

I went through rounds of unsuccessful bouts of physical therapy. These unsuccessful treatments forced me to hang up my basketball sneakers and soccer cleats.

I was devasted

Injuries happen in all sports and situations, but I wonder...

If I had a proper strength training program as a youth, could I have prevented this kneecap dislocation?

Now, after working with swim clubs around the world, I realize the biggest coaches make when creating dryland programs:

Programs are either:
  1. Too simple or complex or
  2. They are not cohesive from agegroup to senior!

Because of these problems, we have started to believe in these 2 dryland MYTHS:

Myth #1: You need a lot of equipment for a successful dryland program.

No matter the team, age group swimmers can be greatly challenged with a plethora of body weight exercises or exercises with minimal equipment.

These exercises can be extremely challenging and simply be progressions and regressions of main exercises. Too many people see fancy equipment online and fall for the trap, purchasing thousands of dollars of equipment. I can give a swimmer of any level an extremely difficult and appropriate bodyweight strength training program! If you can develop a program without weight, why do you need to waste money on equipment?

Myth #2: Watching workout videos is a good dryland program

Simply having videos is not the answer, as this is accessible on Youtube. Having a direct progression of effective exercises for swimmers is key for providing safe and effective exercises throughout maturation. If a program can master the main exercises and progressions/regressions for each exercise, their dryland can safely challenge swimmers of all ages and skills! This knowledge also allows coaches to individualize programs easily.

I believe that an effective dryland program should be simple, progressive, systematic, cohesive AND INEXPENSIVE!

And this is why I created Dryland for Swimmers.

The Dryland for Swimmers program is a program that incorporates simple movements...That can be progressed from easy to insanely hard VERY QUICKLY.

I've seen the results so I can say with total confidence that yes, this can take your swim program to the next level.

It also encourages swimmers to learn correct form, starting dryland early in their career (6 - 10 years old), then progressing them and having them master technique on body weight exercises before progressing to weights. This program emphasizes strength, not simply more aerobic training or running as swimmers get enough aerobic work already!

10 Benefits of the Dryland for Swimmers System:

1. Improved strength: Progressive strength training can improve their strength. Whether they are 10 years old or 18 years old, progressively challenging the swimmer with APPROPRIATE INTENSITY is key! Programs must use a sliding scale to enhance swimming dryland experience!

2. Improved group camaraderie: When swimmers begin monitoring and enhancing each other’s technique, they learn how to motivate one another and build a stronger team. Research demonstrates peer feedback is much more valuable than coaching feedback, use the swimmers!

3. Better team environment: If the team is on a systematic program, the younger kids can see what the older kids are doing and see the connection. This connection builds a great team environment where the older kids can help the younger swimmers! Also, when you have a systematic dryland program, the kids are doing dryland with the team, building a great team environment.

4. Improved parent and board environment: Having the parents view dryland and see the team working together, monitoring each other’s form, and getting stronger shows them the value of a systematic dryland program.

5. Reduced mental stress: If all the coaches are on the same page, then there is less mental stress for the coaches! They have the dryland program and can simply work on coaching (at dryland), but also in the water!!!

6. Reduction with Injuries: Building strength, monitoring form, correcting form...all these items help reduce injuries with a systematic team dryland approach.

7. Improved confidence: Mastering a new exercise and progressing to a harder skill builds self-confidence, something lacking in many swimmers. If all you do is have your swimmers run, are they able to see themselves improve? If you give too hard or too easy of exercises, improvement won’t occur or be noticed!!! Make sure you are providing effective exercises for improved confidence!

8. Improved body awareness: When swimmers are monitoring each other, they are capable of helping each other with form and learn how to control their body in space.

9. Improved posture: Postural strength is a term I learned from legendary strength coach Vern Gambetta. If a swimmer has improved postural strength, their streamline will improve and their skills will greatly improve!

10. Improved swimming: All of these above reasons build to this point, the main point for swim coaches! A systematic dryland helps improve swimming performance! Make sure you are giving them what they deserve!

But don't take it from me! Here is what other, successful coaches have to say about Dryland for Swimmers:


"John Mullen is a true professional and a clear expert in the field of sports medicine and injury prevention in swimming. Thanks for the great work and all that you do for the world of swimming!"

- Don Heidary, Head Coach, Orinda Aquatics

Don Heidary

"I like the approach since there is so much more to developing athletes and if they aren’t tuned the right way and or don’t understand how to manage their environment, then the chances of success are essentially blind luck."

- Jonty Skinner, Alabama Swimming and Diving Coach

Jonty Skinner

"G. John Mullen's advice combines years of swimming experience with practical medical guidance."

- Paul Yetter, 7- time member of USA Swimming's National Team Coaching Staff

Paul Yetter

"John, a former swimmer, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist; he works with swimmers on a daily basis, and he is one of the foremost experts."

-Chris Plumb, Head Coach Carmel Swim Club

Chris Plumb

“I have been a fan of Dr. Mullen’s work for many years.Dr. Mullen is an expert in human movement in an aquatic environment. This book provides practical and easy to use solutions to swimming specific physical challenges that occur as the result of normal training and competition.”

-William Dorenkott, Head Coach Ohio State Women's Swim team

William Dorenkott

Introducing the Dryland for Swimmers System Second Edition

Dryland for swimmers is an online, HD video VAULT that covers ALL the exercises, progressions and templates you need to build and execute a successful dryland training program!

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  1. 30 hours of HD dryland lectures and exercise videos.Videodatabase

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  2. Over 200 pages of content that breaks down:

    The Science and Research behind Dryland Training

    Everything you need to know about building and executing a successful dryland program - including exercise progressions, regressions, and programming methodology.

    The CORE differences between dryland for swimmers and other athletes.

    How to tailer your dryland program to EVERY stage in a swimmer's career.

  3. A Complete team 16-week systematic dryland program, that includes:

    SPECIFIC Dryland templates for swimmers of all levels, from the beginner to the Olympian!

    How to measure your swimmers' progress in dryland.

    A DETAILED method on how to customize the dryland for every swimmer.

And I am backing up this offer with so I have so much confidence that this will absolutely change how you do dryland that I am willing to back up Dryland for Swimmers with my iron-clad 30-day money back guarantee. You can test out the material for 30 days and if it doesn’t work, you get your money back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

There is absolutely NO RISK on your part... You get Dryland for Swimmers for ONLY $194.

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